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These two questions tell me that you are expecting something different than what the HOF really is.

It's in the middle of farm land so no malls and it will take you no more than three hours or so on a not busy day to see it all. It's not nearly as big as you seem to think it is.

I'd plan a trip to the farm museum that is nearby as well. Very interesting. Have fun!

Originally Posted by stera8 View Post
I'm 25 and have never been to the Hall of Fame. My girlfriend and I are wanting to take a mini trip up there (only live in NJ).

We are in the beginning phase and perhaps you guys can help us out.

Best time of year to go? (besides induction time)
Good hotel prices?
shopping malls nearby?
how many days to go through the whole hall?

LCS nearby?
great food places?

and most importantly....

How much should I save up for this trip?
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