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Originally Posted by ricksam View Post
@sb ... the problems w a feedback system is it seems artists are "good" w 1 collector, but "bad" w another .. i see 2 on your list w "issues" ... 1 i know is a liar ( and others know too but only via pm / didnt want to rub her the wrong way in case she then would pull a tantrum and not work for their company )
I understand that, I was only pointing out my positive interactions with artists. Hell, I waited quite a while for a commission from one of those people and I still consider it positive when I suspect many Scoundrel members wouldn't. It's all subjective, based entirely on ones opinion. All I can say is that they have each treated me well.

All in all, it's a two-way street. Collectors should be up front with their expectations and artists should be up front about any constraints. The lines of communication need to be open for both parties. It seems most complaints stem from lack of updates from the artists.
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