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Originally Posted by ricksam View Post
@SF ... every collector is hesitant to call out ..
I actually really appreciated that you posted those links. It was a section of Scoundrel that I hadn't visited before and I spent a couple of hours reading through a lot of the threads and left some feedback for some of the people I have worked with. The Acar thread was a particularly good read.

Unfortunately its hard to draw any conclusion from anything written on the internet. People are people. Most of the time when somebody speaks up about something it is because they have a complaint. I work for a global consumer products company and we get thousands of complaints about our products every year but they represents less than 0.1% of what is sold. If I see 5 complaints about an artist that has probably sold 500 PSCs, should I be turned away from that artist? The truth is, we just don't have a good system of collecting positive and negative numeric feedback about sketch card artists. However, the iTrader system that this site uses is miles ahead of what is available on Scoundrel.

Originally Posted by SBelcher
so I'll just give a thumbs up to those that I've dealt with:
I just sent him an email through Scoundrel, but if I don't hear back in a week I'll PM you...

As far as well known professional sketch card artists that I have dealt with only through the internet go... I have worked with a few but the only one that I would personally vouch for because I have worked with her on multiple occasions and she has always gone above and beyond my expectations is Mary Bellamy.

I prefer to deal with artists in person. Since I live within two hours of both New York City and Philadelphia I have the opportunity to meet artists from around the country and even around the world at events like Wizard World Philly, New York Comic Con, Philadelphia Non-Sports Trading Card Show, etc... Not to say that things can't go wrong, but meeting somebody in person and actually talking to them has advantages over the internet. And often you can pay them through PayPal using your cell phone, which is a little added security if you aren't leaving with the work. (And that is what I should have done!)
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