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Originally Posted by tennelson55 View Post
I wouldn't take this trip for your gf. There are 0 shopping centers around the area and its probably going to be dull. Heck it was boring for the most part in my opinion
Anyways there is a gym that I went to and it was alright, but cooperstown is extremely small, but here is one good place to go and that's the museum!
I went 2 years ago with my mom, dad, and my girlfriend. My girlfriend is not a big fan of baseball, hates me watching it. She loved the Hall of Fame though. We are going to go again when Greg Maddux gets inducted and she said she is looking forward to going again. We went in late September or early October. It was nice because not alot of people around and hotel was super cheap because of off season prices. All the lcs are really expensive, especially for individual cards.
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