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so as a seller you will encounter answers like as to why someone retracted a bid/offer for a false reason "cannot contact seller":

"Because theres only 3 options to chose from. One of them is not " seller takes to long to respond". I sent the offer less than 5 minutes of the item being listed. Almost 24 hrs later no response. To me 48 hr pending offer is to much time and I have other offers and items I am buying. Offers are sent to the my ebay page and to sellers email. 24 hrs is more than enough time to decide on a offer. Just my opionon."

In case anyone wants more details, offer was made 5 min after I listed, and his offer was low anyway, then I did get in a second offer for $20 more that I was waiting on, got the retraction less than 24 hours after initial offer. offer made 12/28 11:50am Offer retracted 12/29 8:50am

dude is a big seller/buyer but I have no problem giving him the block and call out. I love how people on ebay think that they cannot follow ebays policies.
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