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Welcome aboard. I'm from Jersey as well and recently started posting. Sorry to hear about your hardships and I wish you nothing but good mojo in 2013. Also, if you hear about any worthwhile volunteering opportunities to help out down there I'm all ears. I recently recovered from a pretty serious foot injury, so I was immobilized when the storm hit and the weeks following, but I'm all healed up and looking to help.
Thanks for keeping the faith. I have actually been doing alot of volunteer work over at the PAL building on Drum Point Rd in Brick. They have been more then greatful for the help and anything that I can do to give back to my town is a great feeling. I hope your injurys aren't too bad and wish you a quick, safe recovery.

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What area do you live in man?? Ocean county here...hope you rebuild soon
I also live in Ocean County. I reside in the township of Brick. How about yourself? Also, thanks for the kind words. Were you affected at all during this storm?
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