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Originally Posted by RichYungSociety View Post
Have to agree with you. The OP clearly wanted attention for a pretty average to below average box break. Its quite apparent when you see how many times the OP tried bumping the thread on the first page. I'd probably giveaway a Kellen Moore auto for free, but this guy made it seem like he just pulled a Luck Superfractor.

Not to mention, the Luck RC he pulled is basically a given in any blaster Box of Strata. You basically have a near 100% chance of pulling either a Luck or Griffin base RC in Strata Blasters.
I was rude and out of line to the OP in my first couple of posts but I started thinking... I really wish I was in a place to spend 20 bucks on a blaster, lose 75% on it, AND be so happy that I keep bumping the thread on my pull so that all could see. Who am I to yell at this guy? SOOOO Im helping him out...
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