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Default All-Time U.S.-born team

So I'm bored at work today and the WJC got me thinking about who would make up the all-time U.S. born team and who is the best U.S. born player of all time. I based my choices on the NHL careers of the players, not what they did in international competition. I'm not going to get too long winded (or try not to) in the initial post in case no one cares , but here's what I came up with:

C - Mike Modano
RW - Joey Mullen
LW - Keith Tkachuk
D - Chris Chelios
D - Phil Housley
G - Tom Barrasso

Best U.S. born player ever - Chelios

I probably missed someone because I only thought about this for 15 minutes or so before I posted it. A few preemptive defenses of my choices:

-The second D was my toughest choice - it came down to Brian Leetch, Derian Hatcher and Housley. I went with Housley because of his point totals even though he's a pure "offenseman."

-My second toughest choice was goalie. I went with Barrasso mainly because of the two Stanley Cups and because I felt that at his peak (short though it was) he was a better goalie than Mike Richter (who I also considered) at his peak. I also gave a brief thought to Ryan Miller, but the fact that he never got his team to the Finals weighed heavily against him to me.

-I have the nagging feeling that I'm forgetting about someone at LW, which I'm sure someone will point out.

I'm interested to hear what choices you guys would make.
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