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Originally Posted by Phillyeric21 View Post
The last two seasons I have bought boxes I was lucky to get a sketch card and good autos every season. Saving up and interested in buying about 3 cases of season 3 boxes
when they become available for preorder two to break one to flip and sell when value goes up. My question is who or what sites have best case prices available for preorder?
Thanks, Eric
I personally don't think we will see much pre-selling going on for Season 3 because of how the pre-sells for Season 2 went. Really the only sites that had cheap pre-sells up were comic book or non-sports sites that weren't prepared for the amount of orders they received. I don't think those sites will make the mistake of listing their cases next year at very low prices.

For example, look at Solarfly, all of their Cryptozoic case pre-sells for every product are at the exact same price. Because they are marking them up a certain % from factory cost. On 95% of products, I think they can get all they want at factory cost, and that's why they price them that way. However, they weren't able to get enough Walking Dead at factory cost, and they had to cut orders. End result, they had a lot of pissed off customers, even though they probably lost money on their pre-sells (since they had to buy enough cases at market price to complete their orders). Do you really think they will make the same mistake next year?
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