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Default Seller Redemption for CMPunk13

First and foremost I should link to the original call out thread since I placed it in the wrong section when it happened.


A few days back I received a PM from him stating that he felt terrible about what and how the whole situation went down and he had gotten the full Madison Bumgarner Topps Chrome Rainbow back and was sending it to me free of charge.

I thanked him basically thinking yeah right, I will believe it when I see it...

Seller Redemption for CMPunk13-photo.jpg

I know the quality sucks, it's an iPhone photo emailed to GMail then attached.

Well I am now in possession of my 1st ever rainbow.

I am not sure what caused his change of heart, maybe it was the Haiku scandal, a resolution to be a stand up person or just the holiday spirit.

Regardless, I am officially rescinding all the negatives as he has gone way above and beyond to rectify the situation.

Thanks Ryan, Happy New Year
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