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Because of the grey area GoJays mentioned, I will be leaving Hull off my list. Otherwise, he would had made it on fo' sho'.

G-Quick (Yes, I know he is still very early in his career, but when all is said and done he WILL go down as the greatest U.S. born goalie ever.)

D-Chelios (To leave him off would be criminal)

D-Leetch (A very close second to Chelios)

C-Roenick (I love Modano just as much as the next guy, but I like JR's edge. LaFontaine also considered for this spot)

LW-Tkachuk (Barely edges out LeClair)

RW-Mullen (This could end up being Kane's spot if his potential is realized. Non-blonde Amonte was also considered for this spot.)

Best US born player: Chelios
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