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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
I personally don't think we will see much pre-selling going on for Season 3 because of how the pre-sells for Season 2 went. Really the only sites that had cheap pre-sells up were comic book or non-sports sites that weren't prepared for the amount of orders they received. I don't think those sites will make the mistake of listing their cases next year at very low prices.
I agree to an extent. There will be plenty of places accepting pre-orders at low prices but there won't be too many that will fulfill your entire order. For example, I ordered two S2 boxes from Sci-Fi Genre/Atomic Empire in JULY, and after getting the run around I was told they will only be able to send me one of my boxes (which I just got today... another Glenn auto). That will be the last time I ever order from that place.

I could understand my order being cut if I tried to order multiple cases but I ordered 2 SINGLE BOXES way back in July when they first put up pre-orders. I highly doubt they were only able to spare one of my two boxes as I was a super early order. They just held $72 of mine interest free for five months. I was lucky I only placed an order for two with them and bought the most from DA for more money per box, but I'd much rather do that and know I will get my order.

So even if you find pre-orders for S3, you should really try to do your homework because there's a good chance your order won't be guaranteed. I don't have any connections with distributors so I will have to continue to go through the main 3 online retailers I use. Don't want to go through that situation again.
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