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Originally Posted by jeffro318 View Post
Nobody will pm you as they are all ignoring you and your stupid posts, good day!
NOOOOOOOOOO Posts like this will bring the Message Board Police out in DROVES!.... God forbid we say somebody is stupid or is enganging in behavior they shouldnt.....

WE MUSNT FORGET THE FOCUS... This is about KELLEN MOORE! Nothing "Moore" ..nothing less..... I just hope I can buy all of his cards before he takes over for Stafford. Im sure the 17 picks he threw will cost him his job and his near 5,000 yard performance on record number of attempts will do him in... He had a lot of options outside of Megatron too.... including that awesome guy who lines up in the wrong spot on purpose... Maybe the op will find a bargain basement blaster box of 2011 chrome and he will get a titus young auto!! Its gonna happen...
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