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Default COMC New Years Promotion 35 - 55 % off already lowest prices

This sale is currently over
COMC New Years Promotion 35 - 55 % off already lowest prices.

This is one of those new promotions that COMC offers that you have to be on to see the promotion. NOT

The discounts will vary, but they are all deep discounts. Worth your time to dig deep.
Note: COMC does not calculate the Percent off book correctly until you are viewing only the item, not a list of different items. So look at the prices compared to book, in a list it may say 80% off book, but when you click on the item, you will see the price is actually 94% off book.

Use these links, not the one to the left:
darin2200 highest book value:
darin2200's Cards - COMC
darin2200 lowest priced:
darin2200's Cards - COMC
darin2200 recently added:
darin2200's Cards - COMC

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