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Awesome idea hosting this contest! It'll show the good that's on this forum!

I had a pleasure for the most part on this forum for the short few months I have been on. While 98% of the members were VERY, VERY good hearted, there were a few bad apples to ruin the batch, a la Haiku. I kind of felt acknowledging those bad apples takes away the shine from awesome members, such as excel_b, Ooosh, te23 etc. you get the idea. One member I want to give some recognition to is te23. He and his son really stood out to me with their generosity. His son is 11, and had the idea to pay it forward and make team lots to give out on the forum, because of the generosity he's exerienced here. And this is from an 11 year old. His said his son was going to spend his own allowance to ship them out. I got the Patriots lot, and am very excited to recieve them. Just a class act. That proved to me that the future collectors will still have a lot of good in them, and that we have that to look forward to.

Thanks for the contest, again, awesome idea, congrats to whoever wins, and have a wonderful new year everyone!
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