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Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
I don't mind it when someone relists one of my cards. Its part of the game on COMC. I just do not see how someone sells a card for $2 when there are 15 of them listed at $.50. I will only accept a deal that I am happy with, so after its gone, I am satisfied. If they want to try to make a little more on it then thats fine. My prices are usually low enough for others to flip so I kind of expect it.
I understand, my deal just didn't sit right with me. I'm new to COMC, so "live and learn."

I do like the option of flipping cards though. I found someone had a Jason Kidd auto for $12.49, so I picked it up, and sold it in less than a week for $17.49. Quick $5 profit.

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