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Originally Posted by weedyalan View Post
I agree that they should show the true stats.

I had one card that was relisted at BV. I was a little upset, someone sent me a real low-ball offer, I countered with 50% off BV to sell it, and they re-listed it at BV.

It was a 2003 UD Prospect Premiere Jake Fox auto. I listed it for $35, and thought it was fair since the ones I saw on ebay were listed at BV. He offered $21, I countered and sold for $25, and this guy goes and relists it at the $50 BV.

So I've sold 3 cards in a week and a half, one of which was a "flip."

Ended up buying (46) 2008 Goudey SP's to try to complete the 1-300 set. I now need 1 more card for 1-300.
Lots of times i relist a purchase for 5x the BV just for fun. But i just relist the card until i am ready for shipment. So maybe your buyer is just listing it until they request a shipment. It shouldnt matter what a person does with the card after they buy it though.

I just requested everycard in my inventory today. Basically i start from zero every month and accumulate cards until the next months shipment.
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