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Default 2012 in review COMC VS EBAY

Happy New Year to the blowout community!

I just did some quick calculations since I really had nothing better to do this morning as I feel like I was hit by a mack truck yet I didn't drink a drop of anything yesterday. So here are some quick numbers on my ebay vs comc sales for the year:

COMC SALES Real $ (not including my purchases)

COMC Cards sold:

COMC cards added in 2012 (not including flips)

COMC Fees (including shipping to me and not any paypal/blowout fees for cashing out or gift cards)

Ebay Fees: (no paypal fees included here)

Ebay Cards/other items sold:

Ebay Real $:
Still working on that

Expenses overall...still working on that

Gotta say that COMC still looks like it has worked so much better for me than Ebay. Nearly triple the amount of cards sold, and 1/8 the amount of work and the fees compared to amount of items sold is outrageous
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