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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
Interesting, can't say I've had any cards come up missing. If your 100% sure you had 85 ccards in the lot, I'd directly contact Tim.
I'll have to do that, then. I know there were 85 because I typed up a list of what each card was, complete with set name, player name and card number in an attempt to avoid some confusion. It would appear they probably just tossed that when they got my cards based on the way many of them were labeled when the showed up on the site (had about a dozen corrections to do in the 62 cards they did add to my inventory), but I still have the list.

I was really hoping they'd at least scan and post all of the cards, leaving it up to me to fill in the details for those that weren't in Beckett, but no such luck. I guess they just didn't have time to bother during the rush.

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