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Originally Posted by Army19K View Post
Depends on your price range. Of course there is The Cup, those are the top of the line, great cards, but will cost you. I would recommend to start on UD series I and II, they have a great mix of RCs and Jerseys with some SP insert cards and a few autos, and you can pick up boxes fairly cheap. Good luck getting back into collecting, what players/teams do you follow?
I would agree. It depends on what you want to do. I got back into collecting a few years ago after 20+ years away. I didn't have the faintest idea how much it had changed and just bought what ever looked cool. Which at the time was anything in the $60-$120 range. My wife would kill me if I bought a $200+ box with 5 cards in it. I am still in that boat to be honest.

I'm also a huge Ducks fan so I automatically had something to PC. I started selling on COMC and buying Ducks cards and still buy packs for fun and to gamble on the big hits.
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