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Originally Posted by Soxrule111 View Post
Should be a good game... I hope NIU can get off to a fast start. If they go down 10-0 in the First Q it could get bad.
I have no clue what to expect. I haven't watched any NIU. FSU's defense is battered. Best Dlinemen (Jenkins) goes down in game one. His replacement Carradine goes down in the UF game. The German will have to do it alone. Best runningback in years (Thompson) goes down halfway through the season. Manuel's mother battling cancer (just announced recently).

I can't stand Miami or I would have attended the game. Any other city in the eastern US and I would have gone. FSU tried halving ticket prices for boosters/season ticket holders, but that didn't even pull in buyers.

Ooops, that picture was huge.

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