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Default 6000th Post Giveaway Preview

I decided to have some fun with this thousand, so here's how it's going to work. This is going to be a little trivia game. I'll give clues about the person every 2 minutes until someone gets it. The people will cover everything. Sports, politics, celebrities, etc. Some will be easy, some will be hard. You can only have 1 guess per question, so answer when you are sure you're right. 3 people will win. Prizes:

3rd: Anthony Davis Prizm RC
2nd: Damian Lillard Prizm RC
1st: PC lot

First 3 to 3 right answers win. Since it's easy to use Google, I'll ask that everybody has at least 5-10 iTrader. Or, if I like you, you can play. Let's try to keep this honest.

Trying to do something fun. This may be a huge fail, but why not? This will probably happen around Saturday evening when I have some free time.

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