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Originally Posted by VintageCards4Me View Post
I dont think you can classify these as bumps.... Its Kellen Moore! I initially thought like you. That it may be wrong to keep bumping a simple blaster break with an average pull. I said something but several of our fellow members thought this was terrible behavior and that a new member should be here we are. I just hope we get a scan someday.... I bet the card will grade BGS Gem 9.5 with a 10 Auto... I can tell that without even seeing it. They may even up the grade because it is Kellen Moore.....
Come on, Vintage! Why sell the guy short?!? I actually hope it comes back a BGS 10 PRISTINE, with a 10 auto. Then, I can buy it.

Originally Posted by jeffro318 View Post
There was also an andrew luck rookie...
Yeah, true. But as an ACTUAL Kellen Moore collector, I choose to focus on it.

Originally Posted by VintageCards4Me View Post
OMG Well mine does... and since you didnt answer when you tried to call 38 times... I put on my cape and mask and went to walmart to fight crime by myself....... I chased off a pack searcher with a dagger I made from Legos and then I saw my cards.... I bought a box(after taking off my mask and cape-dont wanna reveal my crime fighting identity of course) went home and cracked it.... Holy sweet mary mother of jesus...... You will never believe what I pulled!!! KELLEN MOORE.....

I was so excited I ran to put in a top loader and I tripped on the roomba vacuum cleaner that was going and the below happened.... Its a terrible start to the New Year.....
Again, as an actual Kellen Moore collector, lets not destroy his cards. I can PM you my address, and you can send them to me. It's not as if you actually think they are worth anything.

But I guess the one good thing about you, Vintage, is that you chased away a pack searcher. I hate those guys.
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