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completely disagree to be honest
thats melo's shot he like the in rythm pull up three

if he is feeling it let him shoot when he thinks he wants to

i thought it was smart b/c if he waited till the end he would have gotten doubled or fouled and we would have 2 ft's coming up and still no timeouts

not doubled at the time and got a good look
can't complain

also, even tho he missed they still had a better chance b/c 2 missed free throws they could have got up another 3
or if they had a timeout...

ya tough loss and a tough few games
we need some more solid pg play
kidd gotta penetrate a little

brewer gotta shoot when he has the shot
and novak is honestly terrible.. copeland didnt play second half not sure why i wanted him in instead of novak

Originally Posted by nateadams2 View Post
Guys. Honestly. Melo needs to stop being so quick to pull the trigger on 3's. I mean I know we needed a 3 to tie the game up, but there was still 14 seconds left. Should have waited for a screen to use to get a better look, or get set at least. Plenty of time left and he rushed into it. Also shooting in the first half was well below par. Two people can't do it all. Tough loss. Tough stretch for that matter. Lets hope they pick it back up.
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