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Originally Posted by jasonadkins View Post
Clone has an amzing storyline, but seems to go a little too fast with the action. Kinda's the opposite of Walking Dead where nothing seems to happen for ten pages, every next page in Clone some new twist is going on; where it is at through two issues it should have taken at least three issues IMO. Mark my words; Clone will become a hot TV show withing the next few years. It kind of reminds me of season 1 of 24, this would make an amzing show. Most reviews I have seen on Clone seem to agree that it's a good read. It's first arc is scheduled for five issues, so I magine #1 selling $10+ in the next few months.
Hopefully it does. The writer comes from TV. I think he wrote "The Event" and "Trauma"... If it is adapted hopefully it does better than his previous television work.
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