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Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
Crickets because he had one nice drive, disregarding the numbers on that night that are 7/19 for 118 and a TD or 3.6 yard per carry average (18 for 50)? He looked better, but that's still pretty awful for someone everyone here thought should be a Heisman candidate in the MAC. were quick to discredit him after 1 quarter...and at the half...

comes out strong to start 2nd half and all you can give is: meh, hes still been awful, but is looking better?

makes sense

i guess you will also say that perfectly thrown strike to his RB was just meh...

or that pass (now 2 passes ago) that shouldve been caught by the WR on strike..was meh...

or that run turned shovel for a first down was meh...

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