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Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
He was AWFUL in the first half...seriously. One of the worst performances I've ever seen from someone so hyped. Was his one decent drive supposed to cancel out that awful performance? He's finally not playing like he's pissing down his leg.
i just find it comical how you just casually pick and choose what you see fit.

Yes, he didnt play well in the first half. Sure..he mightve had you put it...he plays on a MAC team playing in a BCS bowl, live on National TV, against a highly rated ACC team.

for comparison sake...since you seem to be stuck on the "MAC" argument...

Tahj Boyd, who is also a hell of a player and displayed last night when they beat LSU...only had 237 passing yards and 44 rushing yards against the same FSU team.
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