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I have five Midtown Variants confirmed from Midtown, currently in transit. I sold four of them for $59 on ebay (pre-sale), and then got an email the night I sold them all that one guy wanted a refund because he had some unexpected expenses arise and he couldn't afford it. I then relisted at $95, sold it after I emailed him I'd give a refund, and now he says he's back in for it. I wanted to take the best copy to get signed by Stan Lee in late January, but I guess I have all five sold now. Shrug, I was into the five copies for $55 and after ebay and paypal fees should be at $290 for maybe twenty minutes of work. I have twelve copies of Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 coming as well. As for Superior Spider-Man #1, I have three base issues, two Skottie Baby Variants, one Midtown variant, and one Quesada Sketch 1:150 coming in. Keeping my fingers crossed that the hype for Superior is just as strong as for ASM 700.
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