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Originally Posted by chalado View Post
I've asked this a few times in the cards section, but haven't had too many responses. So for any of the card guys in the room...

Should I go the PSA route or BGS/BVG route with these cards? They are from 1977-79.

Here is a link to a recent auction for the Gretzky card. It's BGS but I've seen a lot of these graded psa.

SPORTSCASTER Ice Hockey 1977 Wayne Gretzky Rookie 77 10 BGS 9 Mint RARE | eBay
I think PSA would be the rout to go for any cards pre-1982; they generally have a little more leniency in grading and also sell for more. Not sure if it still costs $100 just to join for a year, but it will be worth it if you ran into a huge high grade lot of these cards. Good luck and keep us updated.
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