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Default COMC - Playoff Football Port Sale - Lowest Prices - Luck/Griffin/Wilson - AUTO ACCEPT

I've put together a playoff port for sale on COMC. Prior to running the advertisement on COMC, I figured I'd try here on Blowout first.

All the cards included are of star players in the playoffs and most are rookie cards. There are quite a few nice cards of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and a few Russell Wilson's too. The rest of RC's/Autos/GU'd cards of other star players of the playoff teams.

Every card in the port is currently priced the lowest on COMC! So someone will get a good deal to flip these.

I have auto accept set at 15% for those who might just want a card or two.

I'll accept the first offer of $500 for the whole port EDIT, will accept $450

Link to port:


Get this port now to resell these once the teams get hot in the playoffs. Thanks for the look!

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