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Where to start ... most of these were contacted through Scoundrel but it's been several years since I've commissioned through that site ...

The best experience
Leah Mangue - several commissioned pieces and got them back in a very timely manner! All dealings through messages and mail

Gary Kezele - several commissioned pieces and got them back in a very timely manner! All dealings through messages and mail

Lawrence Reynolds - several commissioned pieces - lives locally so I met him at shows quite often. He no longer does commission for me because he says his hand cramps up! hah

Jennifer Mercer - Drew the Shatner for me! Felt bad that she was falling behind because of her moving and stuff so she sent me a surprise commission Darth Maul sketch signed by Ray Park!

Positive experience
Brandon Kenney
Randy Martinez (Sent baseball ahead of time and picked up at Local show)
Cat Staggs (Local at show)
Chris Fulton (Local at show)
Michael Champion (Local at show)
Marc Wolfe (Local at show)
Kyle Babbitt
Kevin Doyle
Bryan Morton
David Rabbitte
Tim Proctor
Ben Curtis
Gabriel Hernandez (Local at show)
Jamie Snell (Local at show)
Paul Allan Ballard (Gave Ball at show and sent ball + extra sketch when finished)
Rhiannon Owens

The Bad
Mark Brooks - Gave baseball and money to at a show. He was busy and said he would take it home and finish it and send it to me. That was almost 3-4 years ago! His wife/GF denies that he ever got the baseball and money. I gave up

Mark McHaley - Gave him a baseball 3 years ago. I know I'm still on his list though. Not holding my breath. He's extremely busy and no longer taking commissions

My Collection
I started this project several years ago basically getting random artists to draw different characters from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings on baseballs.

I then had the idea ... why not get celebs to sign these baseballs when they come to a show ... and that idea became the below collection

Everyone signed by the actor ...

Darth Maul (Ray Park), Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) are signed

If you want to see close up of each baseball, they are in the link below
ArtOnBaseballs pictures by rambel10 - Photobucket
Always looking for current Texas Rangers relics / Autos
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