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Thumbs up PART DEUX ~ 2008 National Treasures Football Case Break ~ $53 Random Team

Like Peyton Manning...RE-ROUTE! RE-ROUTE! Break is tonight (1/9) at 9pm ET:

DizzyDSkiCaseBreaks on USTREAM: . Other Events


2008 National Treasures Football Case Break

Product Info: 2008 Playoff National Treasures Football Hobby 3 Box Case - $1,544.95

I ran a break of this about a month ago and have received requests to run another one, so here we go!

Rookie Patch Autos include Matt Ryan, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden, DeSean Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Jamaal Charles, Joe Flacco, Matt Forte, Felix Jones and MORE! Tons of potential for Veteran and HOF Patch Auto cards, too!

$48.28 Slot Price ($1545 Case Sale Price / 32 Teams)
$3.00 Shipping/Supplies
$1.79 PayPal ($51.28 x 2.9% + .30)
$53.07 Total

$53 for first slot ~ $52 each additional

A few rules:
- A Blowout MOD will randomize the singup list FIVE times AND the team list FIVE times.
- Any cards with more than one player will be randomized unless one person owns 51% or more of the players represented on the card.
- Most college team cards show the NFL team as well, but if not, the card will go to the team that DRAFTED the player.
- Any non-team-listed hits (i.e. Presidential Cut Cards) will be randomed to all hitless teams (base cards not included as a "hit").
- Break will be live and recorded on my USTREAM or BlogTV page.

49ers - Whodey14
Bears - vinnyvegas (via greenjdo)
Bengals - packersfan7918
Bills - ld8759
Broncos - Bbluebanshee
Browns - DizzyDSki
Buccaneers - ncluett
Cardinals - barberromo2008
Chargers - DoubleD
Chiefs - nordy22
Colts - vinnyvegas
Cowboys - Danose
Dolphins - vinnyvegas
Eagles - greenjdo (via vinnyvegas)
Falcons - CaptainBOHICA
Giants - hester72598
Jaguars - tsanto
Jets - dtrainman
Lions - stevelaucella
Packers - Parky755
Panthers - SeventhEvan
Patriots - SeventhEvan
Raiders - barberromo2008
Rams - Vintage Collector
Ravens - ncluett
Redskins - aggie4ever
Saints - hanes1111
Seahawks - Danose
Steelers - vinnyvegas
Texans - tsanto
Titans - houdini
Vikings - hanes1111

Baltimore Colts to the Indianapolis Colts
St. Louis/Phoenix Cardinals to Arizona Cardinals
L.A. Raiders to the Oakland Raiders
L.A. Rams to the St. Louis Rams
Houston Oilers to the Tennessee Titans

Box #1

Box #2

Box #3

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