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Default Very strong action in the 2011 FCW Cards on EBAY....

A J Lee 2011 FCW WWE Rookie Card NXT | eBay

I like to go watch the FCW shows up the street when they come to Orlando. I got a free set of cards at a show I went to that were the 2012 version of this set.

They were so brutal I actually threw them out. LOL

I came across these shortly after on a wrestling card site and someone had said they had been looking for a year for a set.

They have a nice line up of modern wrestlers and are clearly the first card of most if not all of them.

Personally I have no interest but these are very hard to find and modern cards can bring good money in baseball and football so they can in wrestling too.

AJ Lee is arguably the most popular star right now so naturally her card is going for the most and I think you may see more action on these at the close.

We shall see.

The seller has nine cards from the set listed and they are getting action.

Just pointing out a hot wrestling item on EBAY right now.
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