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Huge shout out to Deboesports for doing all the counting up legwork for me here. Terrific job buddy. Much appreciated.

So here are the results:

Baseball product of the year - Museum Collection/Tier 1
Football product of the year - Topps Chrome
Basketball product of the year - Fleer Retro
Hockey product of the year - The Cup
Other sport product of the year - Allen and Ginter
Non-sport product of the year - Walking Dead Season 2
Baseball athlete of the year - Mike Trout
Football athlete of the year - Adrian Peterson
Basketball athlete of the year - Lebron James
Hockey athlete of the year - Jonathan Quick
Other sport athlete of the year - Gabrielle Douglas
Card of the year - 2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Superfractor Auto
Team of the year - San Francisco Giants

And just for fun....

Movie of the year - Dark Knight Rises
Tv show of the year - The Walking Dead
Book of the year - Fifty Shades of Grey
Comic of the year - No majority
Person of the year (please do not say Haiku) - All the people lost/helped in the tragic events in Connecticut
T minus 5
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