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Default 3 x 2012 Rookies and Stars + 18 Black Friday Packs

Just flat out killed 3 Boxes of 2012 Rookies and Stars Football. Also opened 18 packs of 2012 Black Friday that I got for buying the boxes. I can't get the pictures to work so if you want to see the cards click over to my photobucket here:
Everything is for trade except the Floyd. The Nick Foles in particular is a sick patch.

Box #1 (Shorted 1 hit, but still a great box)

Michael Floyd Rookie Jersey 60/249
Nick Foles Patch Jersey (Real nice patch, his name or number) 49/249
Ryan Tannehill Red Crusade Patch Auto 10/25

Box #2

Alfred Morris RC Auto 598/999
Matt Stafford Scoring Core Jersey Auto 1/25
Matt Cassel Revolution Jersey 132/199
Terrell Suggs DoD Jersey 34/199

Box #3

Ronnie Hillman Rookie Material Signatures (Redemption)
Lamar Miller Rookie Material Signatures 280/499
Kellen Moore RC Auto 17/399 (His Jersey)
Bernard Pierce Rookie Materials True Blue 382/399

Black Friday Hits:

Clay Matthews Magenta Blank Back Only 5 Made
Ryan Tannehill NFL Draft Jersey
Melvin Ingram NFL Draft Jersey
Anthony Davis (Basketball) Tools of the Trade Towel Patch Card
Andrew Luck Gridiron Kings
Russell Wilson RC 34/599
Matt Moore (Baseball) RC 277/599
Jarrod Parker (Baseball) RC 134/599
Justin Blackmon Gridiron Kings Cracked Ice #3
Robert Griffin III Gold Border


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