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The high bidder t**m has ONLY 79 bid retractions in 6 months, and 20 in the last 30 days....nothing fishy there LMAO...he is putting chaser bids in left and right driving the price up, and it is simple to see this...if I were the seller on this card I would be watching every bidder like a hawk..and if I saw a guy with that many retractions he would be like a 0 feedback bidder to me and his bids cancelled...he will bail out before the 12 hour mark and leave others holding the bag if he is not outbid

Also, this card sold for 7,900 when he was TOP DOG...hype could not get any he is back page news with RG3 and Luck being playoff bound.

His red refractor around that same time sold for 3,500 twice when his super brought 7900...there is one red /5 on ebay for 1,600 and has not sold for a week.

so if he was as hot as this auction is making him out to be why has his red not sold for half of what it was last time when his super is bringing nearly the same amount when he was the hottest guy on the planet...makes you wonder how dumb bidders can be if they think this auction is legit.

again just my two cents, disagree all you want...
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