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Default Purchased items over a week ago-- Calling them out!

Ok, never have this problem before on here, but when I get excuses for why they havent sent yet, I get a little worried.

Yankeesfan777- Purchased items on 12/25. after a week, I send a PM on 12/31 and he responds
"sorry I didnt get it out yet. Had some family come into town for the holiday and didnt get to send it yet. I will send you the DC as soon as it goes out"

No replies back. I understand you have family for the holidays, then dont say you will mail out the next day.

rhammond24- Made a deal for 50 GU/AU for $60 on 12/25. Said he would send out asap. Never received any tracking or anything, so I sent a message on 12/30 to see what was going on and the reply:
"no could get the package out roads never got plowed will ship on monday with 5 extra cards sorry for the delay"

Again, Monday gone and past, and no reply back with tracking. I understand issues with weather, but dont promise something if your not going to come through.

ManInTheMirror- This is a shocker, no replies back, nothing came yet. He has an Itrader over 700, yet still no tracking info. Its low end stuff, $10 shipped, but why over a week and nothing?

I am flustered... I bought 7 lots between 12/24 and 12/26 and these are the only 3 that I have yet to receive anything from. I bought wax from Blowout on 12/25 and received that already, so you cant use the weather as an excuse.

Am I over-reacting? Is this acceptable to expect shipping in a week? I am thinking of filing paypal claims today if I am not given DC!

Always looking to buy Game Used or Autographs for $1-$2 each!
Do you know anyone that has 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Queens Autographs #12, #15, or
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Kings Autographs? I am building these sets!
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