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Originally Posted by RipitRipken View Post
Come on you guys have never heard the term axed? Like "he got the axe" aka he got the boot. It's pretty common.

Anyway, I joined the chat and I must say Boomo is a real piece of work, acting or not. Also I'm glad I had no desire to pay for the seats because there's hardly ANYTHING that I saw that'd I'd be happy with. I'm actually SHOCKED that this company didn't load the cases more.

Edit: Didn't Beckett advertise this product in their magazine?

Also I work within a mile of this place....I kinda what to do some recon work.
Really? Did you read his posts before commenting on this? He did not use it in the way that you suggested. He used it in the place of "asked,ask". It is either intentional illeteracy, lazziness or both I did not read any racism into its use but that's just my opinion.
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