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Default 1999 Crown Royale, 2003 Draft and 2003 SPX Finite - 1 Box Each

Hi All,

So I decided to do some old school breaks today. I had purchased these boxes for around $110 all in and I think I did okay as I always factor in a 40-50% "fun tax" in ROI. Here are the results:

1999 Crown Royale:

I did okay as this box had a whole lot of strange inserts. THe "pocket" card with the tiny card inside the larger card was very strange. The box topper had a jumbo Choice of Cade McNown and a Jumbo Aikman numbered to 960. Below are the better hits:

Moss Century 21 /375
Brandon Sokley /99
Kevin Faulk /68

I don't think I would break another box.

Next was the 2003 Topps Draft:

It was a terrible box to break as the cards were uninteresting and the "chrome" cards were thick and a dups were a plenty. The hits were a Justin Gage college jersey and a Byron Leftwich auto. The Leftwich would have been something at release for sure. Still, it could have been much worse. The base Andre Johnson was okay as well. Here are the scans:

Finally, the 2003 SPX Finite:

I like any of the finite cards because all cards are numbered so you get a sense of at least some scarcity in the collection. The lesser hits were the following:

Rich Gannon Prominent Powers /500
Ahman Green Prominent Powers /500
Onterrio Smith jersey card unnumbered
Brian St. Pierre jersey card unnumbered

Luckily it did get better:

Nate Burleson jersey card unnumbered
Reggie Wayne Gold Finite 50/50
Peyton Manning auto /1254

All the cards were in pretty good condition. The Peyton obviously saved the whole break but I don't think I would be breaking any of these products again. Let me know what you think.

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