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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Maybe this will come out wrong, I don't know ...

But if I, with my wife and 3 kids and job and mortgage and all kinds of extracurricular responsibilities, can wake up a half-hour early in the mornings and make sure I get my shipments out for the day (the ones that paid within the last 24 hours, mind you), then so can anyone else.
It didn't come out wrong. YOu're right. THere's no excuse

Originally Posted by cking View Post
Holidays and weather are lame excuses. I can upload 20 tracking numbers right now of items I have bought in the last 2 weeks. All were here in 3 business days. Every one.
Yep. Lame.
Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post

In most circumstances, yes, but it's not unheard of having something shipped a bit late, especially when working around holidays/travel/weather.

I'd say chill out a bit . I'd also say you are taking it WAY out of hand making a thread like this. IMO, you are making yourself look bad.
He's fine.
Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
Honestly MITM is a good member he just never replies to PM's i hate how he is invisible when he is online its a pain...ive already been down that road... but also I am shipping stuff today from last week as well. I sold stuff 12/22-1/2 and there were 2 holidays, 2 days where they closed at 12 on the eves, and 2 days where they were closed (Sundays) so that gives me a window of 3 days to rush my family to the post office day after xmas...
If you're shipping stuff you sold on 12/22 now, you should be banned from selling. That's inexcusable.

12/22, 24...2 days there
If you don't reply to pms, you are a COWARD

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