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aren't there still blue mail boxes set up around towns? I'm pretty sure that the PO will pick up anything the next business day by the times listed on them the next day of service, doesn't matter if you drop off on a sunday or a holiday.

I've been a mad shipper since xmas and a little before and everything is out in the mail in with in 24 hours after payment (unless a weekend but I'll still print and get things ready), and I work Full time and part time as well as all the personal stuff like everyone else out there. I get everything done either late at night or early in the AM before I leave for work.

2 guys on here I made a deal w/right before xmas (on 12/22 later at night), and I told them that I couldn't ship until the 26th, and they were cool, still paid then, and I managed to have the cards out in the mail before I left on the 23rd, and I think they both got the cards the day after christmas or the next.

I was against the OP for the early call out, until I saw some other posts and took my shipping methods into comparison.
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