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Originally Posted by tnarg View Post
It didn't come out wrong. YOu're right. THere's no excuse

Yep. Lame.

He's fine.

If you're shipping stuff you sold on 12/22 now, you should be banned from selling. That's inexcusable.

12/22, 24...2 days there
well maybe not everyone has all this free time to ship and spend and hour + waiting in line. When its not holidays...i usually ship next day 2nd day for anyone here who thinks 4-5 business days is too long.. ever see on ebay where there is an option for handling time? can be 2-5 days... not everyone runs right out to ship a $4 card.

My Statement before wasnt reality it was an example I am shipping stuff from 12/26-1/2 today.

But here is how it could take that long:

12/22-Post office closed at 12.
12/24-Post office closed at 12.
12/27- Ice Storm
12/28-Snow storm
12/29-Post office closed at 12
12/30-Sunday closed
12/31-Post office closed at 12.
1/1- New Years Closed.
1/2- No Excuse
1/3- Shipped.

Ive had one free day which was yesterday so to anyone who might be offended that i didnt ship yesterday Im sorry. Obviously people havent had a problem with my shipping. Some of the most ignorant people i have ever seen have been on this site the reactions people give and just knowing some of you are 40+ yr old men is quite comical and disgusting that your that way. I dont sell cards for a living I do it for fun... some of you act like its life or death and alot of the "Professional" collectors that post the Dumbest stuff. Its real easy to sit behind the keyboard and flame people but then again isnt that how most of you got ripped off by nieve.

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