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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Why are you still going to the post office to ship First-Class Mail envelopes??

(1) Print label from home.
(2) Put label on package.
(3) Place in mailbox.

Even if you feel the need to take things to the PO ... if your items are ready to go before you get there, can't you just drop them off without waiting in line?
To be fair to some people (and to be upfront I haven't read much of this thread - I just saw your post - so this doesn't necessarily apply to anyone)

I have sold thousands of items - as you can see by my feedback here, SCF, eBay or wherever you want to look.

I don't own a printer at home. Never wanted to buy one. I have taken every single one of those packages to the post office, and waited to watch them put the DC label on, so there are still those of us that waste time (which I admit it is) to hand it to someone at the PO.

Without reading any of this thread in detail my thoughts are this:

I've taken a few days over the past 2 weeks to send my final packages (holidays, work, weather etc...) BUT I've PM'd every buyer and let them know about any delays. It's really that simple for me.
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