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I lol at all the accusations on here. How is in scamming if you send late? Is it wrong? Sure. Does better communication help? You bet. But it isn't scamming nor is it a payday loan (in most cases). I don't think MITM needs a $10 loan. I mean the issue with forums is there isn't really a DSR system like eBay. People (like me) can get away with not shipping within 24 hours on here. Not on forums. Maybe forums needs to have some sort of DSR system. I mean I have sent over 3 days late maybe 5% of all my deals (over 1200), all of them on forums. But with eBay you gotta find a way to ship same day/next day, so I only list on weeks I know I'll be free. I'll be honest, and if you want to attack me for it than sorry. But to say people should be banned and are scamming people for shipping late is just overreacting. I do think the OP kinda overreacted, you said with excuses you get worried... at least they are honest. which will have me even less worried, but with no communication I could see why.

Edit: I got two packages this week that took over a week to get here. Mail is a little slower.

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