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Originally Posted by jrodlc08 View Post
Pm's are definitely preferred but ultimately it's up to the member to keep their eye on the board 'or' submit a list before hand to avoid getting an autopick you don't want. with that said, if there is a team still on the board you'd prefer go ahead and I will alter the O.P.
Just so I understand - since hypothetically there could be a run of an infinite picks - that for your drafts, I should stare at the BO forum all day continuously refreshing the page to make sure I'm not on the clock?

The reason other break drafts run so smoothly is that;

A) After you pick, you PM the next in line. This isn't always easily accessible for everyone, so you may see things such as "Can someone please PM next?"

B) When picks are made, there is generally a basic format that is used (ie. Pick # 20 - Texas Rangers) so all viewing can look and easily see how the draft is progressing. When people are just throwing out team names all over the place, it makes it slightly more difficult to follow.

Thanks for the offer, but the team I was dead set on has already been chosen!
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