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Artists Id gladly deal with again-

Rita Moore-

Michael Champion-

Chris Fulton-

Danielle Soloud-

Jerry Rascoe-

Leah Mangue-

Beau Schemery-

Otis Frampton-

Hanie Mohd-

Rich Hennemann-
The Art Of Rich Hennemann

Greg Harms/Ryan Alexander-

Patrick Canter-

Jeremy Treece-
The Artwork of Jeremy Treece.

Michaeld Duron-

Scott Zirkel-

Im sure theres plenty of others that I cant think of at the moment.

Artists I wouldnt pee on if they were on fire-
Jim Kyle
And post count does not equal contributions IMO. Posting 1500 pictures of girls with tattoos is not the same to me as being an active collector who has integrity and is pleasant.

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