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Artists Id gladly deal with again-

Juan Rosales

Bun Leung

Rita Moore-

Michael Champion-

Chris Fulton-

Danielle Soloud-

Jerry Rascoe-

Leah Mangue-

Beau Schemery-

Otis Frampton-

Hanie Mohd-

Rich Hennemann-
The Art Of Rich Hennemann

Greg Harms/Ryan Alexander-

Patrick Canter-

Jeremy Treece-
The Artwork of Jeremy Treece.

Michaeld Duron-

Scott Zirkel-

Daniel Campos-

Josh Lyman

Katie Cook

Tim Proctor

Im sure theres plenty of others that I cant think of at the moment.

Artists I wouldnt pee on if they were on fire-

Jim Kyle-
Lies about due dates, lies about excuses, makes his problems yours and instead of being up front and honest, would rather run and hide until you call him out, then he posts half truths that shines the light away from his problems and makes it seem like you were the problem.

Walter Rice Jr.
I posted some xbox 360 games ft to artists that would swap out some work. Came to a deal on 2 games with this artist for an 8x10 with color.

I agreed but wanted to keep any ideas I had for wizard world austin and I would get with him after that.

Towards the end of nov I hit him up making sure he was still interested in the 2 games and he was. At the start of Dec I give him my idea of what Im specifically interested in, and what color scheme etc. Basically it was Domino in "ass. creed" costume.

He gives me the thumbs up and I tell him if I cant get the games out within a week or two I will wait until after the new year to avoid xmas rush and take a shot on them getting lost, which he was fine with.

Part of the deal was I wanted to see pencil roughs before laying down the inks.

On Jan 10th I send him a msg asking if the games made it, he replies on the 12th and says I can expect "visuals" on the 14th.

14th comes and goes and I reply on the 18th saying "Np" as more of a "hey, what happened with the roughs?". He reads it but doesnt reply.

On the 25th I ask for an update, read but not replied to.

On feb 8th I basically say Im not trying to be a d*ck but its messed up he had time to read my messages, accept new friends, but not reply.

On march 5th he FINALLY replies I get the standard "bs" reply and apology and offer to toss in extras for the wait etc.

On march 7th I hit him up for an update because at this point I should have some roughs ready to see and Im told "its looking good". Wtf ever that means. To me saying that without actually seeing it means nothing is done and I would have bet it wasnt even started.

On march 14th I hit him up for the roughs again and Im told on the 15th Ill see something that weekend. Of course I didnt so........

Then he starts messaging me about what state am I in etc and that his wife suggested that he works in some state monuments and logos etc into the pic. I completely passed on that idea beause it wasnt what I wanted.

At some point he posted the pencil roughs on my page and he clearly didnt pay attention to what I had wanted in specifics.

I even sent him the original message of my specifics and when he re-did the roughs, he STILL didnt pay attention.

I pointed that out again and thats when he started to disappear on me again and at that point I blew it off and considered it a loss.

Its artists like this, that make it so hard to pay up front. I can honestly say it makes me not want to try artists I havent worked with before.

I suggest you avoid him unless he does the work before getting paid etc.

Leo Depsky
Hit him up for a Domino because I liked his style of work that he posted on the Asylum facebook page. Got a quote for 20.00 for a simple Domino with no b/g. The rough looked great and I was stoked. The pose was such that I asked if he could squeeze in Shatterstar somewhat to the side of her in a battle pose. He said yes for another 10.00. SOLD!

Never saw any work after that and after a few excuses and then just straight up being ignored, I said f'it and gave up....still active and never replied, no answers for the drop off on the piece etc.

Wouldnt suggest him for any work.
And post count does not equal contributions IMO. Posting 1500 pictures of girls with tattoos is not the same to me as being an active collector who has integrity and is pleasant.

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