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Originally Posted by XL5 View Post
There are a lot of scams both ways with money orders. If you are careful and cash the MO (rather than depositing it at your bank), you should be OK. Never accept a MO for anything other than your agreed-to price.

Here are the official accepted payment guidelines.
Originally Posted by XL5 View Post
See the policy. Money Orders are only allowed for certain categories of goods. Of course it's not problem because they don't check. Unless the guy files a complaint about something and then eBay finds out you accepted a MO.
Very interesting. I has changed some, and still not very clear at the same time. Thanks for the info. I just have my listings set to block anyone that doesn't have paypal so I don't have to worry about other payment types. Too many issues in the past, no matter what I said in the previous post I made about taking a MO
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