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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
annd that's why trading all willy-nilly is a bad idea.

anybody with a cap bonus that gets traded adds to the years for the bonus remaining on the contract. Chances are your situation isn't just a 1 year thing with all the trades you made.
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E-Athlete does a great job explaining it but I want to just point out some bullet points you need to remember:

1. Cap Penalties are divided in 2 years. So although a person might have 3 years left on their contract, the bonus is going to be split into the first two seasons.

2. Trading does not mean you give the Cap Penalty to someone else. You have to pay that Bonus you gave the player when you signed him, so his Bonus you owe him is your Cap Penalty. Example, if you trade a guy and you still owe him 4M in bonuses and he has 4 years left, then you’ll incur a 2M cap penalty in each of the next 2 years.

3. Don’t sign and release. Be sure of who you pick up. In last years Madden Online Franchise you would look at the transaction log and see people just signing people and then releasing them just to see how they’d look on their team. You don’t want to do this or you may find yourself in a bunch of cap problems.

4. Use the E-Athlete Calculator to find out how much Cap Penalty someone is going to go against your Cap. It’s a great resource.
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