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Default Avoid these bums

CRUSADER- Agreed to $20 for a card i wanted, then said $22 because he didn't have shipping supplies. I didn't budge so he settled for my original offer he agreed to. I paid instantly same day ( 12/27). Checked Paypal for any shipping info on 12/29 nothing had been updated so i PM'd him, he responded same day giving some BS Excuse that his printer Wasn't working so i would have to wait until Monday (12/31) so he could print label at work. Well it's now 1/5 and no communication from him nor has the shipping label been printed and no cards received yet. He hasn't logged on since 1/1 so if he didn't get to ship or print label on 12/31 as promised he could have sent me a pm letting new know what's going on. Neg coming for super slow shipping (assuming card has been shipped)and horrible communication.

sluggo11- new member zero feedback selling a Cushing lot. We all had to start somewhere so i gave the guy a chance and bought the lot. Again paid instantly (12/29) as I always do and per his request because he needed the Paypal. Said he would ship out 12/31 I was fine with that since it was the weekend, check Paypal for shipping update on 1/2 and nothing. Pm him to follow up on the status, replies got busy at work Monday yada yada yada shipped out 1/2 but with no DC so i I'm like ok at least these are already coming to me unlike the CRUSADER deal. Well they show up yesterday and then boom, damaged goods. One of the cards is severely damaged on the back, I'll get scans up later of the damage but this was no shipping damage. The card is a thicker patch card and has a nice size gash on one of the edges, very noticeable. He never mentioned anything about it being damaged in the thread or thru PM's. Neg coming as well for knowingly selling damaged goods (I mean you can't miss the gash). Not even worth asking for a partial refund to "make it better" to try and avoid a neg. If you're trying to build your rep up on a new site why start off by selling damaged goods,SMH.

If retaliation is a must then so be it, it's not gonna stop me from doing what's right, and that is keeping all of the good collectors on here aware of the scrubs and from going thru this type of BS. I know what I'm about and stand for so if a retaliatory neg taints my precious iTrader then so be it.

Damaged Cushing Card- Scanner wasn't capturing the damage with the card sitting flat so i had to use my crappy phone camera. Also had some damage that looked like it was scraped on a rough surface or something and also on the front of the card there's a few deep scratches that look like will start peeling the chrome off soon. Sucks too this was a patch card /25 and i know it doesn't mean much with all the stories of fake jerseys or "event used" for the cards but this one states on the back that it was actually worn by Cushing during a college game. Pretty cool to me first card I ever owned that actually stated that too bad its ruined


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