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Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
Also if you don't want base please lmk, same goes for any parallels.

P.S. as my sig says, PM if your looking to sell without the hassle.

P.S.S Who's up for a similar type of break again?

P.S.S.S. Time for me to go sleep!
Thanks again for the great break SCB! You pulled some nice stuff.

I don't need Royals base except for the Five Star George Brett.

Would love to do a similar break in a month or so. Very nice product mix and selection and good bang for the buck. Obviously, as always, there are some teams that will do better than others, but this mix give almost all teams a chance to pull something decent.

The one suggestion I would make for a high-cost break like this is to put into the budget the cost for one extra, multi-hit box for Insurance(Museum would be perfect), and at the end of the break, break that box for the teams that went hitless or really got spanked. No team affiliations...just randomize the hits for those owners. That way, if you got burned on the main break, you at least have a chance to hit something nice in the insurance box, and it will guarantee everyone will at least get something.

Thanks again....enjoyed it.

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